North Gate regularly works with property businesses and professionals in helping them to secure talent and their next position. In particular we work with:

House builders

Commercial developers

Property consultancies

We advise organisations on best practices and strategies to identify, attract and secure high quality and sought after talent in a range of service areas and technical disciplines.

We also work one to one with professionals in these areas to help them identify a new position proactively, yet in a discreet, informed and considered way. This ensures you are able to fully explore where your own offering may fit best and the most suitable and valuable position for you in this next phase of your career.

We work with Technical professionals across a range of areas including Operations, Design, Planning, Commercial management and Project Management and with consultancy professionals across Planning, Development, Management, Valuations, Building Consultancy, Lease Consultancy, Sales and Brokerage.

If you require assistance in Property please contact our London office on 0207 2800190.


Not all our roles can be published as we are a search firm, so if you are looking for a role in one of our sectors its is best to register to talk to us about all our work.

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