Business Development

As their businesses develop, some of our clients have made strategic moves into markets or geographical regions where they have had no previous workstream.

Using our knowledge of their organisation, their management teams and structure and the markets they serve, enables us to provide market intelligence and business development support. 

We have facilitated Business Development initiatives with a range of clients and deliver assisngments in the following areas.

Talent Mapping, identification & attraction – New markets and regional development 

Acquisition identification and targeting – for geographical expansion, diversification or increased market share

Sales – we have extended our sales capablity to help bring work opportunities directly to our client base

Competition analysis - Detailed analysis of the competition 

As trusted partners, we work hard to understand where our clients want their businesses to go and can be out in the market months in advance to ensure their strategies can be met. We believe firmly in being proactive and never standing still, and can share our energy when a client most needs it to give them a competitive edge.