Career Coaching

North Gate provide one to one career coaching for professionals at all stages of their careers.

Are you feeling stuck in your role, company or career? 

Do you have a career plan and are you on track with this? Is it achievable and what would help realise it?

Do you feel in need of a new challenge?

Failing to gain promotions or being overlooked for extra responsibility?

Should I stay in this job, am I going in the right direction?

We do not see Candidates as just a product.

We have a responsibility to help professionals who trust us with what are undoubtedly crucial and important life decisions, to the best of our ability. This is what motivates us. 

Work is a huge part of our lives and represents for most of us, a real chance of being great at something. After your health, some would say a career is your greatest asset.

Therefore it warrants serious consideration, planning and investment. Above all careful, informed decision-making.

We offer career guidance in our respective markets at all ages and levels of seniority, to help you identify the best path for career development and advancement.

In doing so, we aim to help you achieve the ideal career and life balance dependant on your motivations and needs.

If you are a candidate looking for professional advice and support, we’re happy to help. #

Areas we focus on.

Career advice, design & planning

Salary advice and benchmarking

Non-Exec appointments

CV advice 

Job search and identification  

Business start-up, development and exit

HR matters

Training and education advice 

Resignation management 

International relocation and repatriation