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Are you feeling stuck in your career because of fear of the market or fear of letting people down?

Do you have a career plan and are you on track with this? Is it achievable? what would help realise it?

Do you feel jaded or in need of a new challenge?

Failing to gain promotions or being overlooked for extra responsibility?

Does your work / life balance work for you and your family?  

Should I stay in this job, am I going in the right direction?

My job search isn't working. What should I be doing differently?

I've started a new job. How do I not repeat past mistakes and make a positive impact from the start?

Whilst we pride ourselves on the close relationships we have built with our clients, some over 15 years established, as a business we do not see Candidates as just “our product”.

For a start we certainly don’t make people! However we do have a responsibility to help people who trust us to help them with these important life decisions.
In the modern age, work is a huge part of what we do, in every industry the “celebrity” exists, work is real life. Many people don’t have the good fortune to be equipped with the tools to have a satisfying career and work life. Therefore it’s important to make the most of it if you do. To be successful but most of all happy and fulfilled.

We offer free support and advice to individuals in our respective markets at all ages and levels of seniority, to help them identify the right path in terms of career development and advancement throughout the employment life cycle. In doing so we aim to help them achieve the right balance for them, dependant on their motivations and needs.

We are incredibly proud that we have represented individuals who have joined our clients as Graduates and seen them progress into very senior positions, some at Board level. We have been able to help battle-scarred Chief execs take up interesting and challenging interim or non executive positions, and individuals move cross sector into roles that perhaps previously had been off their radar.

If you are a candidate looking for professional representation and long term career coaching across your career and a consultancy you can trust, we’re happy to support you on a one to one basis.

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Mainland Europe
€140,000 to €180,000 basic salary plus bonus, pension, benefits.
London & South East
£40,000 to £50,000 Basic Salary plus benefits package
London & South East
£75-85k basic + package

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